What is geckotool and how does it work ?

Geckotool is the child of the one-man-company geckotool. It motorizes the potentiometers of analog music gear, so you can make presets, use expression-pedals, buttons, switches and midi commands to turn the knob to the desired position. It’s based on 3 major components.
a) the geckoUnit: the actual tool that motorizes your potentiometer
b) the Mothership: the control unit/brain with all the INs and OUTs and a 2.4″ TFT display. Works stand-alone after programming!
c) the App: the user interface right in your hand. It connects with the Mothership using BLE (see: does it work with all smartphones?)

How do I mount it?

You take of the cap/knob from the potentiometer you want to control. Then turn the potentiometers nut until the mounting plate fits underneath it.  Tighten again. Now mount the geckoUnit on top of it so it fits neatly. Done. It works on a 360° radius.

Does it work with ALL Potentiometers?

It works on most potentiometer shafts (round, starshaped,halfmoon) with a diameter of about 6mm (plus-minus) and mounted with a nut. The height should not exceed 15mm. The mounting plate could also be used with a adhesive tape (not provided). Also a homemade elevation works:-) It does however NOT work with (infinite) rotary encoders with no anchorage point, “double-potis”, switches or function controllers with different “lock” positions.

How do I connect it?

Connect the first geckoUnit with one of the 2.5mm outputs of the Mothership, using the provided cables. Now connect the next unit either with the previous unit or use another output of the Mothership. Continue until all geckoUnits are connected. Turn on the Mothership. All the units are detected automatically in the order they are linked. The system calibrates the left and the right stop of the potentiometer for you! No worries: the unit doesn’t turn to the very end; to protect your gears from getting damaged!

When will it be available? Where can I order it?

You can pre-order your precious piece right now!

What’s the price gonna be?

That varies: the first sets (with 3 Units) will be available around 300$ -370$, depending if you can catch one of the earlybirds.. Further sets with 5,7 or 9 units are about 470$, 560$ and 640$.

Does it work with all smartphones? What smartphone do I need?

Make sure your smartphone supports Bluetooth BLE/Smart, starting with Version 4.0. It’s usually no problem if you use a fairly new smartphone. BUT PLEASE CHECK BEFORE PURCHASING. Have a look in your “settings” first.

Can I have a set in advance to test and review it?

Right now we have only limited sets available for testing, most of them in circulation. If you are really interested in making a review or so, contact me at

Is there an application to use on a PC/DAW

Right now there isn’t. But it is definitively on our mind as well. Note: The App is only used to set up the system. After that you can run it easily from you PC/DAW using Midi-commands.

I don’t own analog gear. Can I still support geckotool?

Sure! We would really appreciate it 🙂 There are nice Beanies, Shirts, Hoodies and Gymbags in the onlineshop. Check it out.

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