the mothership has landed

analog evolution

Automate your analog gear und unleash the potential of you favourite boutique guitar pedals, amps, analog synthesizers and studio equipment


Short overview

Get full control of your analog gear by motorizing the knobs you want. Store their positions or use any expression pedal, button, VCs and Midi to change your favourite sounds on the fly. With the easy mounting system your gear is ready within no time. Simply put the geckoUnits on the potis itself, and connect them with the Mothership. The geckotool will do the rest for you! Open up the app and start playing around with your sounds. You can add more geckoUnits anytime (up to 9)

A short explanation

simple mounting

ready for use in just a few steps, thanks to a sophisticated mechanism

easy to use

with an ingenious workflow; whether in the studio, at rehersal, at home or en route

Complete integration

The device can be used in every setup: your pedalboard, analog synthesizers and music studio

extensive system

proven technology is now extended with undreamed-of possibilities

accurate and reliable

Take it everywhere and it works

geckotool hardware


This is the geckoUnit. It’s the thing that makes your potis spin. By the automatic calibration of the left and right stop points you can mount it from all sides. They fit without adapter on most common potis. An LED helps you to keep the overview by adjusting the color individually. The geckoUnits can be combined in any way. You can control up to 9 of them simultaneously with one mothership.


This is the mothership, the central control unit. Packed with 3 VC-inputs, Midi, 2.4″ color display and 3 outputs for the geckounits. With a smartphone app you can assign your geckoUnits individually and save them in presets. Afterwards, the geckotool of course also works in standalone mode. A push-button allows you to keep control, even in live situations.

geckotool software

Get the free demo app on your smartphone

additional offerings

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